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I just want to know if anybody has worked up a good load for a 30-378 a good friend of mine has been working on it but i cant seem to get a good enough group to sight in with they are all over the paper and at $120.00 for a box of 20 it would be nice to be able to reload them . thanks


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    This will depend upon what bullets and weight you choose to use. I use bullets starting at 200 grains and go heavier, so I've been using Vihta Vuori 20N29, Hodgdon US869 for the most part. However, there is some surplus powder on sale at Widener's, namely WC 867 and WC 872 which are very slow powders suited to the large case capacity of the Weatherby and the relatively small bore of the .30 caliber. I just started to work up loads for this powder along with the newer Re-50.

    Light bullets at hyper-velocities are unsuited to this cartridge so get used to the idea of loading the heavier bullets in order to find a suitable powder/bullet combination.

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    thanks for the info i have been using 180g barns x but i will for sure be trying the heavier bullets and powder you talked about . thanks again
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