shot size for reloading .410

I have a Mec 600jr and I am having an intermittant problem with the shot hanging in the drop tube. I am using 7 1/2 shot, any body else having trouble? Think using 9 shot would help? Any insight would be appreciated.


  • trapguy2007trapguy2007 Member Posts: 8,959
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    Tap the drop tube with a pencil when you drop the shot .
    I bought several bags of #7 shot for my .410 and have no problem .
  • billingham420billingham420 Member Posts: 18 ✭✭
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    I have reloaded thousands of rounds with #9 shot for skeet. I use a MEC Grabber, and when I first got it, shot would hang in the tube. I chucked a steel bore brush into my electric drill and ran it through the tube several times to polish it out. It has worked fine now for many years. You could also try mixing a little graphite powder in with each bottle of shot.
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    I've found that raising the handle a little before moving the charge bar helps a lot.
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