little reloading giveaway WINNER

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winner chosen....B17-P51
Please send me your address and we'll finish up.

I'm having a little reloading giveaway.
It's kind of an unusual item. So I'd like you to be able to use it or at least plan on using it if you're a procrastinator.
It's a Lee Speed Die in .38 Special.


It's a discontinued item from Lee. Just didn't catch on, I guess. Supposed to take the place of a three die set and from what I've been able to glean, the Speed Die is for use in a single stage press or works well in a hand press. It's carbide and doesn't require much adjustment. It comes complete with all the instructions.


I don't have any experience with it. I got it in a package deal and don't have a use for it. Might be a good item for your bug out bag when the blood starts to flow. If you can survive with .38 Special.

Anyway, you can sign up here or in General Discussion. No need for both. I'll pick a winner out of a hat on Friday 27th or Saturday 28th. Shipping's free too. Good luck!


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