38 spcl powder that meters well, by volume

easygo6easygo6 Member Posts: 1,465 ✭✭✭✭✭
I would like a suggestion for a powder for 38 Spcl., carrying jacketed bullets of 140 grns +. Acheiving moderate to higher velocities...I would like the case to be at least half full. Point is, I am helping someone get started & it is likely they may be using the Lee "measure cups" with a Lee "loader" kit. Such a powder charge will allow them to know, by sight, if they have double-charged a case, and the velocity would be enough that they won't be temped to "monkey" with the recipe for more power. This person is prudent or I would'nt be helping them.

I am not looking for a recommended charge...just something that will fill the case pretty well, I'll work up the specific load for them. It has been a while since I loaded any 38's...used 2400 in the past, but as I recall the charges are less than half the case...


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