30-06 Trajectory

I recently aquired a used Browning BAR 30-06 rifle. It had no scope on it, but I scoped it with a decent scope that I had here, and went to sight it in. I always "rough-in" at close range, and then move the target out in 50yd. increments. I've hunted with -06's over the years, but I've noticed with each one that they will shoot low at close range, and when you zero-in initially, and move the target out, they will shoot high at farther ranges. I don't field hunt for deer like I used to, and hunt mainly in hardwoods and swamps. I didn't pay but 200.00 for this gun, but if the bullet is gonna drop and then raise in flight, would this not be a good choice for my kind of hunting? I was shooting 150gr. bullets, but that's all I had. Perhaps a heavier bullet would be better? Thanks.


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    The scope sits X distance above the bore. your line of sight is straight, the bullet trajectory is curved. A bullet actually starts dropping as soon as it clears the bore. To hit a distant target the bullet must be pointed up when fired. A bullet actually intersects the sight line twice. Once on the way up and then again after it drops through the line of sight.

    At 50 yards your bullet is still rising to be on target at about 150-200 yards.
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    Here is a comprehensive table of most calibers...
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    Another good site is www.winchester.com and click on the BALLISTICS CALCULATOR and put your info in. You set up the chart for any range you want and can see the trajectory at all the different ranges.
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