223 Rim Question

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I just started reloading 223s and started with some Lake City brass. While sizing them, some were noticeably harder to insert into the shell holder. The brass has different numbers on them. There's nothing visibly different with those that slip in easily. I set the hard to insert brass aside. Should I use them? Any advice what to check?


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    Yep happens with all types of brass. You might have a really tight shell holder. Does your loaded ammo function in your rifle? Very slight damage to rim from being fired in dirty chamber is possiable. More than likely save to use, perhaps use them for rabbit hunting when loss of brass likely.
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    Rims do get battered, tweeked, or twisted by dirty or out of spec military type rifles. The next firing might or might not reshape them. If they work in your rifle, it's probably OK to use them but I would segregate them for bench work or whatever. It's also possible your shellholder is tight or has a burr in the rim slot that catches some of the slightly larger rims.
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    Thanks guys. I'll check the shell holder for burrs again by wiping with a q-tip (any burr will pull some cotton off). Also segregate the brass.

    I just haven't encountered it in about 30 years of on & off reloading.
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    Military 5.56 brass or .223? Almost Identical but not. If the brass is not SAAMI spec. http://www.saami.org/PublicResources/index.cfm

    Dump it.
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    I've very carefully just chased a dremel fine grinding attachment under the lip of 1 or 2 shellholders. Whether burs or just tight, that worked. Worse case you're out 1 $3 shellholder.
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