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Hi all, I would like to get into reloading my own rounds. I have a variety of centerfires....44mag, 30-30, 30-06, 270, 243 & 308. What all sort of equipment (outside of bullets, brass, powder & primers)will I need to get me started??


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    Long topic. You may wish to contact Rock Raab on this forum, as he has some excellent formal information for new reloaders.

    Standard answer is to get books, read them, start out with a single stage press kit.

    Best of luck
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    I would suggest that you start with an RCBS reloader starting kit as it would have a good single stage press, powder scale, loadong block,case lube kit, deburring tool, and speer reloading manual. Then i would advise you to read THE MAUNAL AT LEAST A COUPLE OF TIMES FROM COVER TO COVER. You may then want to get a manual from another source and do the same thing. I would then buy die sets in the different calibers you will be reloading for again from rcbs except for pistol dies. If you want to save a bit of money there, i would buy lee carbide dies. Rcbs are good carbide dies but a little higher. I would buy a powder measure (rcbs) also. i would then buy a set of lee trimming tools and the cutter along with their priming tool so as to have a good feel while seating primers. Also a set of lee shellholders for the press and priming tool. Then i would buy a vibratory case cleaner and feel that i was ready to buy primers, powder and bullets. This might not be the way everyone else would do it but it is my way. You might want to just start with the caliber you shoot the most however an get your feet wet a little bit at a time. With these items however i would feel confident and have most everything i needed other than case-gard boxes to store ammo in.
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    click on the search tab in the upper right for new to reloading, there is a wealth of information available there.
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    And start with reloading the straight wall cases. A lot less steps than bottle necked rounds.
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    Yes to the last 3 posts! In 44 Mag., 3 different slugs, 2 or 3 different powders, 5 shot group series--trying to put these combinations on paper in small groupings will keep you pretty busy for a year or so, and get you lots of shooting fun. 207driver
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