Anyone have some .300OSM data/ballistics?


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    I have no data on the .300 Olympic short magnum. Looks to me like just another of the "new"
    short fat cases that everyone was pushing a few years ago. I've seen reports of 150 grain bullets at 3100 fps in the shorter than the .308win case. Bob

    THIS IS NOT MY DATA >>>110 grain Hornady V-Max
    Powder 50 gr. H735
    Ave. pressure, 60,300 psi
    Ave Muzzle Velocity 3480 fps

    115 grain (solid brass with plastic tip: Barnes?, not sure, details not provided)
    Powder 48 gr. H735
    Ave. PSI 55,700
    Ave Muzzle velocity 3358 fps

    150 gr. (bullet unkown at this point)
    Powder IMR8208XBR (new powder)
    Powder charge (varied from 45-51 gr.)
    Ave. PSI 56,6000
    Ave. Muzzle Velocity 3043 fps
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    I think if you contact Hodgdon, they have the data you are asking about. They did the original working data as requested by Olympic Arms. Be aware that the powders used are commercial canister grade and somewhat difficult to buy for the general consumer.


    You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the document.


    This is the commercial ammunition made using the 25 WSSM cases. Which also explains the dearth of 25 WSSM cases for the last year or so...

    Apparently the commercial ammunition will be running about $2.00/shot.

    Hodgdon has a .pdf available for the 3 bullet weights but again they are using the same canister powders. Converting their data to consumer powders may take a bit of doing but will not yield the same or even similar results as claimed by Oly Arms. I can get close but to get their stated results requires an unsafe increase in the operating pressure of the cartridge using the standard powders. Double base powders get closer but at a cost to the throat of your barrel.

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