30-06 M1 COL

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Various sources list the Cartridge Overall Length for 150 gr FMJBT 30-06 at anywhere from 3.220 - 3.280. The Greek Milsurp ammo I have for my Garand is 3.315 so that's what I've been reloading to. Just wondering why the large difference in COL and am I OK with copying the Milsurp ammo? I would certainly think so. Thanks.


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    A COL length is a guide to allow the proper function and feeding from the magazine of the gun being fired. Max OAL for M-2 ball is 3.340.

    Your OAL is fine as long as it feeds OK.

    Rounds not feeding from a magazine may exceed the recommended OAL by quite a bit when seeking ultimate accuracy.
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    It depends on bullet profile too. A blunt round nosed bullet will require a shorter overall length than a spitzer, to prevent binding against the rifling, particularly in a new gun with short throat.

    On the M1 if it feeds through the mag, it's probably going to chamber fine. Try gently closing the round on a dummy loaded without powder or primer if you are concerned. If it chambers, that OAL is good to go.
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    Thanks guys, appreciate the info.
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