45 ACP 230gr and old powder

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Anybody have a loading for 230gr FMJ using WW230P powder ? I was told that its about the same as Bullseye and Clays but my books dont show Bullseye and 230gr,Clays show around 3.5gr for starter,4gr at max. Im thinking about starting at 3.5 to 3.7 with the WW230P what do you think ? Ive reloaded for a long time but never experimented with pistol ammo,always just used 4.5 to 5gr of 231 for the 230gr but im running low on 231 and have lots of 230P i would like to use up.


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    I have only about half a can of W230P and so have not done much experimenting with it. I use it for "junk" plinking loads mostly, for which use I treat it as if it were Bullseye. (I initially load ALL unknown pistol powders using Bullseye data, on the theory that the unknown powder probably won't be any faster-burning.)

    W230P was discontinued for some persistent fouling issues and other reasons, but if you have a lot of it, there's no reason not to use it up. It has an unlimited shelf life if stored properly.
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    The old july 1962loading pamphlet from Win shows a load of 5.1 gr with a 230 gr fmc at 850 fps. Hopes that helps you out. Bob
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    From Speer #9 225JHP 230 4.7gr 780fps 5.1 844
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    Thanks Guys for the info,i printed it out so i wont need to ask again. Thanks !
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