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Anyone casting the Lyman 525gr 12ga sabot?

Ramson222Ramson222 Member Posts: 18 ✭✭
I'm looking for a supply of 100, they need to be hard cast. I'm also looking for a mold to cast my own with. It needs to be priced at about $35 since I'm on a tight budget.


  • deerhunterrickdeerhunterrick Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    I would too, but they typically sell for about $75 with handles. Midway has a great selection of slugs reasonably priced for the effort of just 100 slugs you'd have more in doing them then if you bought them outright. 100 slugs with sabot or wade is only about $80 with your hulls .New molds cost $63 and you need handles at $20, suppies are around $45 for a 7# ingot and then a lead pot is another $100. plus lube or wax. You'd have over $200 in pouring just 100 slugs not cost effective at that number. Check out ASSA and check into the slug packages they have available in sabot or fullbore slugs. That wold probably be your best option if you are only gonna pour 100 slugs. I typically shoot more then that in a month's time and I still don't have a slug mold. I buy Gualandi 1oz target lead slugs for $82 per hundred with wad and they group awesome at 100 yards 3/4" ctc thru my gun. yeah my gun ain't factory stock, but I hunt with it and it didn't cost $500 either
  • Ramson222Ramson222 Member Posts: 18 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    Im just looking for a few slugs to try out, may be some has some free hard cast slugs they are willing to donate, I would like to load up some 3.5" slug rounds. After deciding if I like them or not, I'd decide if I want to invest in a mold. Some ones got to have a mold lying around, or be willing to sell me a few slugs.
  • v35v35 Member Posts: 13,200
    edited November -1
    In the old days, Lyman sold sample quantities of bullets from any mold in their catalog.
    You could try some mold makers.
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