had 3 weeks

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to get a hog with my bow. well season ends tomorrow. got to go last sat saw 7 deer no hogs. it has rained so much until the hunting area is flooded. would have to tie boat to tree to hang my stand oh well always next yr good luck everyone with the turkeys i am going after some crappie and bass now


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    You have a season on hogs? Thats crazy.
    Was out this past weekend to film for youth season, the weather was terrible, only saw 2 from the blind and the B- mobile freaked them out. The other guy I film with was with a different kid and his dad in a different county not to far from us, They had 14 turkey come in, then they skirted the B- Moblie also. Needless to say there are now 4 adults and 2 kids that have no faith in the B mobile decoy. Sun. was even worse weather then Sat. Windy, rain/snow mix, didn't see any Sun. til we were on our 3 hour drive home, then we saw tons. [V] Feel bad for the kids 8 and 10 but the 10 yr old got his first turkey last year and he was just on "Cabelas memories in the field" a couple weeks ago on the outdoor channel, So he is still on cloud 9 from that. [:D]
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    we don't have a closed season for hog as long as there is something in season open but on the refugee they have 3 weeks bow only just for hogs
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