2010-2011 ohio spring turkey season

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I heard that they are going to make it an all day hunt now. It used to be you were only allowed to hunt until noon. I have seen shows like in texas and florida where you can hunt all day, never been allowed up here. Anyone have any luck later in the day?


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    Does anyone know the real reason for the AM only hunts? I guess they think its an unfair advantage because you can hunt the roost and catch em coming back. You can hunt the roost in the morning and catch em flying down....same thing. I don't know, here in NY there's no afternoon hunts either. They dont let us do much around here anymore. My state sux.
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    Illinois used to be Noon, now its 1. a big turkey hunter I know said most of his kills come between 11 and 1. I would think spring turkey afternoons could be very productive, field edge set up just like morning, getting in could be much harder though.

    quote:Does anyone know the real reason for the AM only hunts?

    I asked a DNR officer that very question recently. My question exactly, "why can we only hunt turkey til noon or 1 or whatever it is now?" Him, "good question, cause the law says so I guess." [:D]
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    I know around noon the hens go to nest so that might play a big part of it, but bangs reason was good too lol.
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