Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow

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Now that Michigan is going to allow crossbows during the archery season, I'm thinking about getting one, so I can sit up in my treestand and playing sniper when a big buck comes along. One of my wholesalers offers Barnett and Horton crossbows, and the Barnett Quad 400 looks pretty good. Since I'm not very knowlegable about crossbows, I thought I'd get advice from someone who is. So, who can give me any information, good or bad, about the Quad 400?


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    I bought one about 2 years ago.

    On the plus side, it is fast and accurate. It fits me very well(6' medium frame). LOP feels good, with a smooth trigger pull, out-of- box. The "package" is an excellent value for the $.

    On the down side, within the first 30 shots, mine blew a limb. Just plain bad luck?? Barnett promptly took care of the situation including shipping charges. However, it is headed back to the factory again, after last years hunt, with a badly frayed server. This happened on my second shot in the field, last October.

    If they can't get this thing straightened out, it will go on the auction block and I will replace it with a re-curve style crossbow.

    One other tid-bit, the only case I found available was a Flambeau soft side, and the bow/w scope pushes it to the limits(height). No hard-side cases were available for a scoped unit.

    There are several threads on crossbows here that may help in your final decision.
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