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Stole a crossbow

D.DelozierD.Delozier Member Posts: 22 ✭✭
Well almost,Went to a local sports store to look at fishing tackle that was on sale. not much left pretty well picked over when I got there.So I strolled down to the archery dept. to look for some more quick spin vanes since I was there.As I walked down the aisle I noticed some crossbows set up for disply on top of the glass case 3 of them were Barnett wildcats with diffrent kinds of sights on them,and 1 Barnett revolution AVI with scope,quiver and bolts. Well the hang tag on the revolution said Barnett revolution package w/scope 169.95 OK I knew that was a mistake(I get cabelas archery cat)so a sales guy comes up I ask,Is this the price for this set up sure is he says HMMMMM ok thanks I said and walked away.Went out to my truck checked my cabelas book 499.00, back in the store I go back to the display case. up comes sales guy # 2 can I help you sir? Yes ,is this the price for this bow? Lets see he says reading the tag yes it says Barnett revolution yep thats it,you want it? About this time Mr. Manager comes by,Finding everything alright sir? Yes thank you. Sales guy #2 chimes in he's interested in this crossbow here,Mr. Manager sees hang tag, OH thats not right.I agree,I said Manager says well if you want it I have to sell it to you for that price.I said,I know it's a mistake I aint going to do you guys like that. He said no, go ahead and take it.But dont bother to call your friends cause as soon as you walk away from this counter that price is coming off of there!I said are you sure?I dont want to get nobody fired or nothing,He said it's no skin off my butt I just work here.So for less than 180.00 with tax out the door I went.And I just went in to look at lures and hooks.


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