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i have a parker compound bow i bought new last year. it is set at 60lbs draw weight. im pretty well sighted in at 10, 20, and 30yds. my question is how much of a difference will a couple of feets distance make in where the arrow lands? im talking just 3ft at most. if i judge the distance to the deer at 20yds and its actually 22 am i gonna miss?


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    -If you mean by treestand trig? Like if you're up the tree ten yards and the deers at twenty you're actually shooting more than twenty? I usually sight my bow on the ground about 1" high at my distances because anything can happen. Wind in your face, hit a leaf, even bad shooting mechanics like dropping your hold arm.
    -At the same time, though, I have had people tell me to sight it and leave it alone incase the deer were to duck the arrow. But with my new mission it will be hard for that to happen, that things quick and quiet!!!
    -I don't compensate distances until I reach the inbetweens like 25 yards, 35 yards, or 15 yards. At those I hold a little high with either my ten yard, 20 yard, or 30 yard pin.
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    Speed, arrow weight etc.. will affect that.
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