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I need another one think i am gonna ask for an early b-day present this year...I really like the lone wolf climbers but i dont have that kinda money...anyone know of a brand that fold up like a backpack but is also light? somewhere in the 100-200 dollar range


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    Hi All...I have several tree stands that I want to sell. Is there enough hunters on gunbroker to warrant me putting the up for sale on the auction side?

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    I'm looking to buy a tree stand for next deer (modern firearm)season. I know this is the bow hunting forum but I figure you guys would be the most knowledgeable about the topic. Plus I would like to get into archery later, so why not get one now. I think I want a climbing tree stand, also around $100-$200.

    1.What should I look for in purchasing one?
    2.Any small details/accessories that are nice to have?
    3.Looking at the cabelas cable elite SS climber tree stand. Any good?
    4.Other brands/models I should look at?

    Thanks in advance for the imput for I won't be able to get online for a few days to answer any questions...my internet broken.
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    It couldn't hurt. They would probably get more exposure on fleabay. With the cost of shipping people have to figure into their bid you could probably do better selling them locally. What do you have?
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    I don't know many that will buy used tree stands just for safety reasons. I've tried sellin 1 and had zero luck. Now having said that the DNR here had an auction on confiscated stuff and rumor has it used stands sold for near new prices. Sure can't hurt to try.
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    I would also think that shipping prices would kill ya. I would try something like {elsewhere} or list locally.
    If you could find a local pick up only buyer on Gunbroker that would be great.
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    OK..thx to all that responded...I'll try locally
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