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I purchased a Loggy Bayou Transformer safety harness on that California auction site. It was described as being in as-new condition and being complete. I have no reason to doubt that, however, I'm not really sure how the belts and ropes are supposed to be used correctly. It is my understanding that Loggy Bayou is going through a re-organization, or may be no longer in business. Their website described the harness coming with an instructional CD (don't know if any paper instructions were included also). Can anyone tell me where or how I can get some instructions for this harness? All help appreciated.


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    Loggy has gone in and out of business several times over the last 15 yrs. Dont know where you can get instructions but I use that same harness and can answer your questions as best as I can. E-mail me and I'll give you my number if you want.

    Your probably wondering how to attach the rope to the tree and use the prussic knot correctly. E-mail me.
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