Horton vision.

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I just got my third one today. The firt one was broken when it was shipped to me. The second one, well on my tenth shot with it, the string broke and bababooey went flying all over the place[:0]. The string slap to the face was a real wake up.I thought the wife[:X] * slapped me. I called Horton and spoke to Danneille[:X], (were becoming quite familiar with each other) and she directed me to the CEO[8D]. They built me a new one and sent it next day air. This also happened to a friend of mine just a week prior[:(!]. I love the service I got from Horton and they couldn't have been nicer[;)]. If you own one just beware of this problem with them but also be assured that Horton will stand behind their product and take great measures to rectify any problems you have. They really impressed me. The bows are great but I think they have a quality controll problem[B)]. If you do have this problem with your vision ask for Dannille and she will see that you are well taken care of.Also please let me know if anybody else has had this problem Thanks Oak.
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