Blazer Vanes ?

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Hi All

I am changing from 4 in Duravanes to 2 inch Blazer vanes because of clearence problems from my Fuse prong rest. I have been told that the Blazer vanes will pass thru with a straight fletch or a helical on a prong rest with no clearence issues and they shoot the best with fixed broadheads. I shoot a 3 blade 100 grain fixed broadhead with a CX Maxima arrow & a Hoyt Alphamax. Any info on these Blazer vanes would be helpful. Are the 2 inch Blazer vane a good choice for deer hunting?



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    yes I use blazers and love them but not so sure they will solve your clerance problem they are not as log RE:4" but still as wide 2" do yourself a big favor. invest in a drop away rest no contact at all in fact i nock my arrow any wich way and they all fly the same.
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    quote:Originally posted by buckeyboy
    do yourself a big favor. invest in a drop away rest no contact at all

    I 2nd that! For not much more than re-fletching with blazers, you can get a drop away with full arrow containment. I like the QAD rests, and would recommend them to anyone.
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    I just mounted the G5 Expert Hoyt drop away rest & it seems to be perfect for 2 or 4 inch vanes. I may stick with the 2 inch Blazer, very easy to fletch.
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