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I just got a browning recurve from a friend and want to put a rest on it and drill a hole for it. Is this a stupid move??? I dont want to ruin the bow but I want to hunt with it and the arrow keeps falling off the rest that is on there.I definitly want to drill and tap a hole and want to know what to do. Please, would an EXPERT tell me how to go about it. I can do the work myself but want some Expert advise. I mean buy the word expert that I am not one in knowing where to start but have all the tool to do so. Thank you, Oak


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    Im no expert I wouldent drill and nothing on a recurve do some research on a recurve site.
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    What model is this Browning? Recurves are for the most part designed to be shot off the "shelf". Tipping the bow slightly and
    drawing from the finger tips should keep the arrow on the shelf.
    Many of these bows are gaining considerable value in their original state and I would be hesitant to alter it too much.
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    the bow is a browning cobra.
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    Quick check puts it into the couple hundred dollar range if in
    great shape. Most of Brownings recurves were Drake designs and
    have a pretty loyal following. I'd sure give "shooting it off the
    shelf" a real try before modifying it. Have fun!! Don
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