Monster XLR8

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Hey everyone. I was looking for some input on the Monster XLR8. I was thinking about building one up as a speed demon, I was going to go with 80# limbs and 400 grains of arrow weight using the CX 350 Maxima hunters. The draw weight and short brace height will not be a problem for me I am used to it. What I am looking for is if anyone has tried one or knows someone who has and if you have heard anything good or bad about the bow. THANKS


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    I just bought one off At and I love it. dont really know what some guys say hand shock mine has none, is it whisper quiet no but far from a noisey bow also for me the most accurate bow I have ever shot stacks arrows, and yes they are moving . I know some will dissagree but but this hunter likes his. I actually like the draw feels quick and locks in dead..
    cons You aint letting this puppy down with out spooking a deer it will rip your arm out of the socket if you not ready to shoot the Monster at a deer dont draw it on one
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    Thanks for the info.. My last speed bow was a Hoyt Turbo Tec and I love it is set at 65% let off and 70#'s with spiral cams, I am excited to have 80% let off. Its amazing the power those bows have if you can keep the speed above 320 after they are set for you, I droped 2 deer with that bow right in their tracks and not spine shots either. I have shot deer through both shoulders as well it destroys the arrow CX 300's but complete pass through and burried in the dirt. The XLR8 after its set for me with 80# limbs and 400gr arrow should tip the scales between 370 and 380 fps I can't wait. Your pics look great you set it up nice.[}:)]
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