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Got another one Pics added.

Chief ShawayChief Shaway Member, Moderator Posts: 6,185 ******
Shot another doe tonight. I will post the pics again of the blind I was hunting out of but for you in the know it is the one on top of the old Metro van. Didn't plan on going tonight but a buddy talked me into it. The bean field we were hunting was picked last night. While out there they were planting wheat.
Had three young one come out and when the tractor became visible they bolted.
Half hour later three more came out of the corner. The tractor was not visible and they moved out to the field. I was sitting in the blind on top of the van and had to shoot sitting down. The momma was about 35 yards. I drew back and had to shoot past one of the yearlings.
My shot was farther forward than I had planned but she ran 40 yards in the field and then dropped.
My shot went thru the front shoulder, thru the ribs and out the other shoulder/leg.
She did break my arrow on her run.
I saw my last bow kill drop but not like this one. Clear view of her running across the field. don't know for sure besides one blasted leg and also a blasted lung. Must of cut a major arterie because like I said she only went 40 yards and piled up.


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