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Mathews Z7

dcso3009dcso3009 Member Posts: 2,350 ✭✭✭✭✭
Anyone else shoot it yet. I did Monday before shooting my buck. I sat in the AM and then swung by the archery shop before heading out for the afternoon sit. They had 1 on the rack, and I was told I had to try it before I could leave.

Mathews finally fixed one of my main complaints. The grip is nice and narrow. The bow is light but not as to move around when holding it. The balance is typical Mathews- a bit top/front heavy. I'm not a fan of the balance... but you have all heard that before. The draw is VERY nice with a perfectly solid wall. This one was short for me at 28" but I had to take it to the range anyway.,

OMG! Quiet!
The bow shot incredibly well. It was rigged with a WB rest, Cobra TR sight, LARGE G5 peep, and a Doinker stabilizer. I shot 5 arrows well inside 2" at 20yds for the first group. The second I stopped at 4 before I broke their arrows. 4 shots inside out on the Xring on a single spot target!
I'm really struggling to keep my old bow now. Just the price of the darn thing is holding me back. Bow lists for $900! Then I'd hang an Axcel ArmorTech sight, drop away rest, quiver...ect would end up $1500, and I get next to nothing for trade in... Oh well.


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