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Got a real eye on the big boy.

bpostbpost Member Posts: 31,944 ✭✭✭✭
I just happened to have the 25 power spotting scope out as I shot some 44 magnum loads at 100 yards this morning. As they are apt to do, the deer ignore the shooting and go about their business.

That big buck was on scrape/rub patrol at the top of my hill, 240 yards out. He was kind enough to stand still looking at me for a few moments. I counted points as carefully as possible, I came up with 13. He definitely had AT LEAST 7 on his left side and it looked like six on the right.

I moved my climber down to a second rub and found a tree able to take the Summit Goliath stand, and be safe doing it. Since I was on the tractor, mowing the trails I don't think my stopping to hang the stand drew any unwanted attention.

What I don't like is the stand is only 20 feet from the rub and the main trail is 5 feet from the tree. I hope it is not to close. Hopefully, with the weather changing I will get to hunt this big boy again later in the week.


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