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Gonna be gone awhile

Chief ShawayChief Shaway Member, Moderator Posts: 6,121 ******
Well, I finally had my Drs. appt. today. I had both of my hips resurfaced about 7 years ago. The right one has been hurting since Sept. or so. Over Christmas it was really hurting so I made a Dr. appt.
In that 2 weeks, I've been going downhill pretty fast.
the x-rays showed that the socket for the right hip is not in the right position. The Dr has only seen this one other time. He thinks that the coating that adheres to the pelvis and the steel that the top of the femur goes into has seperated.
I go in for surgery Monday. If he can just replace the socket than thats the route he'll take. If thats not possible than I'm looking at a total hip replacement.
Either way it'll probably be around 2 weeks until I'll be able to get back on.
You'all have a good end to your hunts.


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