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crossbows for juvenile hunters

krawiechkrawiech Member Posts: 135 ✭✭✭
has anyone had expierence with a barnett panzer v crossbow it has a 150lb draw weight and its light im looking for two for my grandson and great grandson any info will help or any suggestions my state has a minimum draw wt of 80 lbs and a length of 27 inches overall i am looking for something in the price range of 150 to 175 thanks hank


  • bang250bang250 Member Posts: 8,021
    edited November -1
    I dont know much about crossbows, here ya gotta be over 62 or 65 (dont remember) or have a medical card. Hopefully someone else will be more help to you.
  • wpagewpage Member Posts: 10,203 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    That is a good crossbow. It may be hard for him to cock without a winder. There is no age requirements that apply recently. Sounds like a great idea. You may want to consider ordering with the factory scope. The stock sight is cheezy on that unit...
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