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Funny stuff right here

bang250bang250 Member Posts: 8,021
a friend of mine on another forum posted this and I had to share it. [:D]

So I tried shooting with fingers, hehehehehehe well lets just say the neighbors aren't to happy. So last night there is about 20 minutes of shooting light left out side and i grab my bow and my Bluethunder Finger Tab and headed out the door. The first thing i noticed is my draw now feels alittle short but i made what i thought was a good adjustment with my anchoring point and found the black sharpie dot on my very molded and falling apiecese yellowjacket block target that is held together by my off brand Fred's dolla store duck tape. As my 2o yard copper john sight pin settled on the black dot i let the string slide from my fingers upon hearing an instant WACK and HISS like i slaped a cobra on top of the head with a ghost chilie pepper. I then noticed that sense there was now a 6' dog eard pine board missing off my fence that i was probably shooting a bit high. So i grabed another fence killer from my quiver and slowly drew my bucknasty string to my lower lip, made the, what i thought, was the nessary adjustments to my anchor point and took focus on the same dot. WACK! HISS! I thought to my self i better go check this out. As i get to now 2 boardless fence i see what the HISS is all about. The first fence killer made a clean quick kill on the fuel line of the John Deer ridin lawn mower that was recently purchased at the start of this spring. The second fence killer was a nice shot to the front left tire definatly crippling the thing for an easy tracking job. I came to the conclusion that with the main artery and the front left shoulder of the John Deer i would have no problem finnding my kill for a quick pic before the loss of daylight. So after tuckin the kid into bed and high fivin for dad's taking of the elusive John Deer i spent the rest of the evening building practice arrows and replaceing boards. The neighbors do not seam to share the same excitment as i do of my accomplisment of scratching one more species off my north american super slam list, but they have certainly not gotten to upset after seeing the devastation a 75 gr. muzzy broadhead did the beast of all beasts grass grazers. I will go out again this evenin to see what the good Lord has in store for the rest of the peacefull neighborhood on Oak Strret.


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