Yo bang wss up bro

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hey bud been busy at work and right after thankshiving my back went out again ,, I know you have been tied up... give me buzz bro,, I missed a call from taco the other night,, give tater a reach around for me ... ha ha while your at it give him one for bob too
Bobby thinks you guys are awsome ,, he had a great time and told me to tell you thanks so much ...
Salior Jerry and coffee .... wooooo hoooooo
this was 4 like 4 yera s ago whn I came the first time boy you got old he he he


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    You guys are welcome at camp anytime! Wow we looked a lot younger back then. I think the Sailor and coffee may have had an impact on the Tahoe rodeo. [:D] Hope you guys can make it back sometime. Oh, fyi Lindel just got out of the hospital. dont have all the details yet. He went in Sunday, got out yesterday. I'll call soon
  • buckeyboybuckeyboy Member Posts: 5,833
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    keep me posted on lindel I sure hope he is OK
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