Bowkill Doe # 3

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Is hanging.[:D]
This is our muzzleloader season. You can still hunt with a bow but must wear orange.
She acted like she was scent trailing something. Never seen a doe do that. The shot was quartering away at 30 yards. Shot was a little far forward. It blasted the leg/shoulder. The slice in the ribcage was 3" long.? The exit was by the sternum. Guessing that the arrow deflected after hitting the leg or shoulder bone.
She ran 50 yards and stopped. I could see the blood pouring out.
She ended up running about 120 yards. Unfortunately, the last 20 yards was crossing the river. She died not 5 yards on the other side. Had to go home and get my waders and the 4-wheeler. Very mature doe. Will post pic later.


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