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How many of you guys actually hunt public land for deer? My buddy chooses it over anything else and typically kills a pope and young every year. He uses a lightweight climber, leaves early, and picks spots way back in. Didn't know if anyone else has ever used this technique because I found an awesome area of over 4000 acres here in ohio that is public land. And since I just got a 16 pound climber I am pumped up!!! Thinking I wouldnt hunt it until the rut but its definately worth scouting, doing so lousy this season I am already preparing for next season [:(] sucks...


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    I've hunted public land out in Ohio about 7 or 8 yrs ago. I think its called the Wayne National Forest or something like that. Im sure you've heard of it its huge. When we first went out there in 2002 we were on a scouting mission knocking door to door looking for permission on private ground in Licking and coshocton counties. We would hunt Wayne in the morning and then go door to door mid-day. To this day the biggest buck i've seen on the hoof in Ohio was in Wayne. I also found a 15pt dead in there, first morning out. I still have the rack, had it scored. It grosses 152 and change, its a 5x5 with a few stickers. We saw other hunters but we were not far from the truck. Im sure if you get back off the road you would have good luck.
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    I'm very lucky to have private land to hunt nice deer on. Unlucky in that the other guys shoot them 1st tho. [:D] I do turkey hunt on publc land tho & I have seen big deer while out there. When I hunted public land I would stay close to the agricultural lands.
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    all we hunt is public land be willing to walk farther then the other guy seen a bunch of big one out there but never had a shot on one. word of advice go invest in a pull cart. they come in very handy hauling stuff in and deer out
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    Salutes to all the folks hunting public lands. They have been moving the game to many of us private land hunters for many years...

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    never hunted public land but I may now after listening to you all!
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    No problems here. Lots of land to hunt. Most hunters obviously want to avoid other hunters in the field.
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