Aluminum Arrows

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I recently discovered Basspro is or has sold out of their stock of aluminum arrows. What gives[?] Doesn't anyone use aluminum arrows anymore? Other archery shops in my area have done the same thing. I like aluminum, call me crazy or a pureist, but I do.[:(]

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    Can anyone tell me the difference between a Easton 2114 arrow and a 217 arrow? I am currently using 2114's, shooting fletches with a left helical twist. I friend of mine talked me into switching to right helical twist explaining that the head won't twist loose with the R/H, I never had a problem with the L/H, but I figured I'd give it a try. I didn't notice a difference in the arrow flight.
    I saw a bunch of 2117's for sale at a good price, but I want to know if switching to 2117's will affect the arrow flight & require me to change the sight pin settings. I shoot a compound, 45 to 55 lb pull depending on the bow. Thanks.
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    Glass is the answer. Forget aluminum arrows.
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    Actually, you should choosing your arrows with spine weight as a guide.Most folks use the charts designed for that.
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