2 Does down

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Headed over to my Cass County lease for the late winter firearm season. Got to my stand at 7:45. At 8:15 heard something but couldn't tell where it was coming from. There is a highway 6 miles away and some big trucks just happened along about this time.
Finally, I saw movement in fromt of me in the thicket. I got my gun ready but no shot. Then a second doe appeared, I had a opening but thought it'd get better. It didn't.
Cussed myself for a second when yet another appeared. When she got to the opening I shot. She mule kicked and took off. I noticed lots of blood coming out the side so I just watched her. She got out of sight but heard her crash bout 75 yards off.
Sat back and tried to compose myself when I saw yet another doe coming. I pulled up and shot. She only walked a little faster. I looked and didn't see any blood so I found another opening and shot again. She fell at the shot.
They were both mature does.
After all the 200 mile round trips over there both bow and second season gun, I finally made up for it.
There will be 3 happy families getting meat for the freezer.


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