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Does anyone have any experience with the new helium, and if you do, what are your thoughts on it?


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    I shot it last month. It is a really light bow, as the name suggests. The draw is smooth with a good positive stop with the new draw stop. It held good, and was easy to hold on target. This is a very quiet bow on the shot, but had a bit of vibration with the light weight Haromnic stabilizer. I changed out the new light one with the standard from my Monster 7, and all the vibration was gone. There where a few concerns expressed with arrow fletching hitting the cables from some shooters, but I did not have that.
    Not a bow for me. I prefer a bit more weight, but being that light weight can be added where you like it. If you can, go shoot it. I know several guys that have bought them, and seem to like them.
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    Shot it, liked it, but its no M series
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    I liked the way it shot.But not enuff to give up my Z7.
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