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Well, I'm guessing that everyone had the same bad luck that I had turkey hunting or there would be new topics and pics.
My last day, I had turkeys roosted at 75 yards at sunup and then a velvet young buck at 10 yards. After some eyeballing there was some foot stomping. Then the dreaded blow. I could do nothing. I could see the tom in the tree. The buck finally left. 10 minutes later who do you think showed up? Back to eyeballing, stomping and blowing.
I wasn't really suprised when the bird turned on the limb and flew the other direction. [:D]
Chased another tom to a hill. Set up and called. He answered. Called again and nothing. Couple minutes later a red fox comes from where I heard the bird. Had him at 15 yards.
If the birds would have been as close as the deer and fox I'd be a lot happier but all in all good days in the woods.


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    I killed my first spring turkey but it was with a gun, I only had 2 mornings to hunt. Went down sun. got up Mon. got set up called and called and called, nothing responded. Got fed up and decided to go fishing instead, busted birds out of the trees leaving.. So Tues we slept in since we busted birds out of the trees so late. Went out at 930am. . busted a couple out of the trees again. one flew to the end of the meadow we sat in Monday so we went to the opposite end. set up. called and called and called. nothing responded. got fed up, told the camera man I give up, I'm not doin this next year, lets pack up and go home, I turned around and there was a turkey so I shot it. Packed up went home, had Wednesday to pack clothes to leave for Oklahoma on Thurs. [:D]
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    I have only got out twice. Opening day got set up on a bird only to get soaked by a thunderstorm. I finally got out again last Sunday. Set up on the same bird. Came in off the roost 100 miles an hr. i didnt even get a hance to pull out my ol woodsheds call. wish they were all that easy. Got him with the gun. Have not had a chance to get out wih the bow yet. Have about 10 days left. I have a pic but not sure how to post it from my phone. not huge. 18 lbs. 9.5 " beard.
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    MrGunz22 - congrats on the one that you got, regardless.

    Will be hoping that you might connect with a bow as well, that'd be tops. [8D]
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    Opening day called for snow, shot a jake. After that Ohio got warm quick! Hard to hunt them when they are quiet. Bugs drove me out after the third week.[:(]
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