hoyt vector 32 or mathews helium

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Ready to buy a new bow. Hoyt Vector 32 or Mathews Helium. Leaning towards the Hoyt. Have a Mathews Switchback now and it has been a good bow, owned Hoyts in the past. Shot both, the Hoyt is a little faster and seems to be a slight bit better balanced. These are the reasons I am leaning Hoyt.


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    I've generally found that when a person owns a Mathews, they rarely switch back to another brand. My vote is for the Helium, but I've owned three Mathews. Just my two cents worth
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    Chose the vector for the reasons stated, a little faster, thought it was better balanced, very smooth draw and completely dead in hand after the shot. I shot both bows and decided on the Hoyt. I still have my switchback and it is also a great bow. It has given me 3 pope & young bucks and several years of trouble free shooting. I will still continue to shoot it also. But, it is amazing how much 6 or so years makes in a bow. Everyone makes a good bow, Hoyt, Mathews, Bowtech, to name just a few. Shoot them and buy the one that best suits you. It's kind of like buying a Chevy or Ford, or what color do you prefer to purchase it in red, white, blue?
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