Summit Elite SD review

Just thought I would pass this along to anyone interested. I sold 2 of my older aluminum Summit Vipers and bought the newest "lightest" offering from Summit. It weighs in at 16 pounds and that is 4 pounds lighter than my old Vipers. I'm in my mid 40's and every pound makes a difference on those long hikes in and out. All the local shops had it for $309-$339, but I got it on ebay for $289 shipped to my door. Summit used thin round aluminum perimeter tubing to cut weight on this stand. It appears to be well built and is basically the same dimensions as the old Viper. It has the "SD" sound deadening feature, double thick shrink tubing on cables and quick trigger release for the cable adjusters. So far I like it, but hunting season will be the true test [;)].

Regards, Don


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