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Getting Ready

Chief ShawayChief Shaway Member, Moderator Posts: 6,113 ******
I brought a trail mower home from work yesterday and got my paths and trails mowed around the fields. With the floods this year I had 6' tall stinging nettle around my stands that are by the river.
With the heavy winds our old blind on top of the Metro blew apart. It was old and not made the best to begin with.
Last weekend we got her rebuilt. I over engineered it this time. There are more 2x4's in the floor and front wall than the old one had total. [;)]
I got her painted with a base coat. Hope to add some details to it this weekend.
Also, I added a funnel and a hose.[:D]
I'll post some pics later.


  • Chief ShawayChief Shaway Member, Moderator Posts: 6,113 ******
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    For the big day.
    Getting my clothes all washed.
    Getting all the gear that has been scattered from last year and turkey hunting all gathered up.
    I straightened up the butchering shed, hope it gets used plenty.
    Getting my field dressing clean up kit ready for the truck. This consists of a gallon of water with just a little bleach for hand washing, a small thing of dish soap for the same and a small tub this year. I thought the tub would be a nice addition instead of trying to pour the water over one hand, then repeating with the other. It's one of those, "why didn't I think of this before things".
    Good luck to all of youn's[:D]
  • Chief ShawayChief Shaway Member, Moderator Posts: 6,113 ******
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    Well season is just over 2 weeks away. My first goal is to get my wife a deer, so last night I made up 5 new lighted nocks for her arrows. A new stand is on order from Cabelas for her, and Broadheads from I hope it is a good season.
  • Chief ShawayChief Shaway Member, Moderator Posts: 6,113 ******
    edited November -1
    The last deer I shot at last year I shot under. I got home, threw some field points down range and perfect. Shots were all good this year while practicing.
    Shot my broadheads tonight and all were going low. I got out my bow bible and it instructed me to lower my knock point. Once I pushed it down I could see where it used to be. It had just kept working its way up. Right as rain now.
  • edgecamedgecam Member Posts: 3,280
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    I went out and moved some stands yesterday. I have to get my Bow unpacked and start shooting, With the busy summer I have had I have not shot nearly as much as I usually do. Our season starts OCT 6th and I am hunting an all new area this year.
  • bambambambambambam Member Posts: 4,810 ✭✭✭
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