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How many of y'all...

retroxler58retroxler58 Member Posts: 32,693 ✭✭✭
Over the years have destroyed one arrow with a subsequent shot...?

I used to kill about one cedar arrow a month...
Then, when I started using aluminum, they just got dented a lot near the head.
And I used 'em for target practice until they would fly straight any more.

And now that I'm using carbon arrows... They don't dent... Just shatter or as I did last year...
You just break out the nock and impale the second one INSIDE the first one... [:(!]
What a waste of $8 bucks... [:(]

Carbons either are good to go... Or they don't fly period.
Time to shoot one arrow per spot on the target... [B)]


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    edgecamedgecam Member Posts: 3,280
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    Never robin hooded an arrow. I shoot at different spots on the target. At $10 a pop they are too expensive.
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    retroxler58retroxler58 Member Posts: 32,693 ✭✭✭
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    quote:Originally posted by edgecam
    Never robin hooded an arrow. I shoot at different spots on the target. At $10 a pop they are too expensive.
    Yep... Figured that out the... "HARD" way...[:(]
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    bambambambambambam Member Posts: 4,814 ✭✭✭
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    I have done that a few times and I learned that lesson some time back. I usually shot the flecthing or bend the aluminum shafts putting 2 arrows in one spot before I went carbon.

    I only Robin Hood twice in my life before I started shooting 1 arrow/1 spot.

    I have a range at the farm and when we have preseaon "practice" I get mad as hell when someone shoots at the spot my arrow is in.[:(!]

    $20 an arrow with broadhead gets expensive![:(]
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    wolfpackwolfpack Member Posts: 1,183 ✭✭✭✭
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    Yes, I have. Several times. New Hoyt vector 32, first shooting session robin hooded one. Next session, same result. Real nice to show to friends but too expensive to waste arrows, was shooting only twice at same spot at 30 yds but now only shoot one arrow, one spot. Had done this with several aluminum arrows and did not really know if this could be done with carbon, but did first one several years ago with a Mathews Switchback that I still have and shoot.
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    retroxler58retroxler58 Member Posts: 32,693 ✭✭✭
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    When mine happened.... During mid-season practice last year with a new crossbow...
    I had been zeroing in the scope at 25 yards... Took three sets of three shots...
    And with the last three shots had begun to consistently "group"... in the target center spot.
    Went to the target and pulled all my bolts... and realized... These are getting pretty close... COOL...

    So I went back and started one last set of three shots...

    First one was dead on... (Alright... I think I've got this scope zerored now... but...)
    I think I'll shoot separate spots... I thought to myself as I loaded the next bolt...
    Took Aim and pulled the trigger... Immediately hearing the 'ka-whack'... "ping"...
    And immediately knew what I had done... "Awww Crap!"

    Walked up to the target and there it was... One inside the other...
    The second bolt had peeled the lower right segment a third way to the head.
    The 'ka-whack' was the second bolt breaking the knock and peeling the carbon shaft...
    AND... Then the broken knock struck the side of the house ("ping")...

    I kept 'em together in glorious tandem until this season...
    Then I pulled the second bolt from the dead bolt.
    I needed the extra bolt for hunting this year... and didn't have the cash to buy a new set.

    Oh well... I still have the dead shaft for posterity... [;)]
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