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My 1st archery deer

MobuckMobuck Member Posts: 13,903 ✭✭✭✭
No pictures but everyone knows what a dead doe looks like. I'm not going to call it a "bow kill" since I used a crossbow as allowed by my handicapped accommodation permit.
After 10 days of not feeling like being out, having to work, or family commitments, I finally got my camo on and went to one of my ladder stands for the evening. I didn't expect the deer to be moving before 5pm or later so didn't hurry to get ready. I was just cocking the Barnett when I noticed the first doe. She had a fawn but the next doe didn't and I whacked her at 30 yards. Good hit and she fell in sight about 100' feet away.
Downside is I lost my bolt in the tall grass. Maybe when the grass frosts down, the fletching will be more visible. Anyhoo, it's never too late to try something different-I'll be 60 in less than 60 days.


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