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the rut is on

MobuckMobuck Member Posts: 12,967 ✭✭✭✭
The places where I've been seeing the big bunches of does/fawns with "flyby" bigger bucks checking them have disbanded. I shot a big 10 point over a week ago that was chasing does in the hay field-there were close to 20 does in the field that night. Now I'm seeing groups of 2-6 does and fawns and the chasers are the smaller/younger bucks. The big guys are likely locked down on receptive does in the tall grass CRP fields.
Last night I watched a really odd racked little buck chasing one doe in a group of 7. She'd pee over there, run over this way & pee again, and then run back to another place and pee again. The little buck was frantically running from place to place snorting and lip curling.
I've pulled the plug on bowhunting until after rifle season since I used my pre rifle season buck tag. The last week just bino scouting.Three more days until the big boom starts. Looks like it may be 60*, wind, and rain. About the worst combination I can think of.


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