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Scored tonight

Chief ShawayChief Shaway Member, Moderator Posts: 6,111 ******
Shot me a really nice 8 pt tonight. For some reason, I hit him far back. When I saw the lumknock go thru, I cringed. He ran 50 yards and stopped. Stood for 10 seconds then fell over.
I admit I got lucky. I don't know why it was as far back as it was but it worked. Been shooting my broadheads for a week and no problems L-R.
I'd watched him at one corner of the field, enter the timber, come out the other side of the field, then slowly feed the 250 yards to me. He was with a tall forky and a button.
25 yard shot. Died in the bean field.
I'll post pics hopefully tomorrow or Wed. Gotta grind tomorrow.
He's not my biggest but my biggest bow kill. Thinking hard about him on the wall.
I have a shotgun, black powder, and handgun. He is smaller than those but still a very nice buck.
I am very proud of him.


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