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Oh Boy

A.GunA.Gun Member Posts: 1,326 ✭✭✭✭✭
After a very frustrating Archery Season I finally scored on Saturday. Saw 8 deer total, 3 bucks and roughly 5 does. A four point came by very early and I let him walk, then a few does came by and I tried to get on the biggest but it happened too quicly. Then at noon two more does came by and a few minutes later a buck was chasing them. I got the CVA inline up and out the blind window and saw it was a decent 8 point. He stopped in a clearing at 75 yards and I dropped the hammer on him. He ran about 50 yards and tumbles right now. Never even had to reload. It was a great shot double lung and exited out the other side. First deer with my CVA and I'm getting him mounted after the season I had it might be even worse in the years to follow. I probably put in over 25 days on stand and probably 35 with trail cams, and hanging stands. I will send pics to a buddy of mine hopefully he can get them up for me soon!!![;)]

The best part of the whole story is a few weeks ago my uncle actually hit a buck in archery season and figured it was a non lethal wound. probably hit him really high and grazed him. Well, this buck had a wound on his back. My uncle shot a buck nearly identical to this one a few days earlier just about 300 yards aways, must've been brothers.


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