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Christmas Came Early!

bambambambambambam Member Posts: 4,812 ✭✭✭
I went out Sat and yesterday afternoon with my new crossbow. I haven't been able to bowhunt this year until this weekend. I walked around on some US Army Corp's ground and found a spot to hunt.

I found a patch of clover near some pines on Sat so yesterday I went back with an aluminum hang on with the intention of shimmying my fat butt up a pine and hanging it.

About 4:10 this guy approached the openning were the clover patch was at. He looked both was as if he was crossing the street and walked out at about 35 yards.

I had my new Barnett Predator with me and I didn't give him much time to browse[;)] I put my scope on him(in the momment of buck fever I didn't use the second pin, I used the first which is 15yds[:I]). I let it fly and I heard a heck of a wack when it hit him.

He did the buck/jump took a few leaps away stopped, staggered, and did the Nestea plung.

He fell in sight and was dead in less than a minute. I hit him lower than I wanted to, but I hit him in the top of the heart with my 1 1/2" Rocket Sidewinder.

Pictures were off my phone, but I tried to fix them with photobucket with no results.




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