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My Nemisis Strikes Again

Chief ShawayChief Shaway Member, Moderator Posts: 6,111 ******
At one of the places I hunt, we have 3 stands. SE, SW, and NW. Last year while in the SE stand, a group of triplets came up the hill and started feeding. A short time later the mom came up the hill and the first thing she did was check the stand. They'd mill around but she would always look at the stand. She did this on 3 occasions. I noticed that she had a bobbed tail.
No matter which stand you sit in, she is always on alert.
Last night, I was in the NW and my buddy was in the SW. We were giving it one last hunt before season ends today.
This years triplets were the first to enter the field. Then came "Bobbie". They entered between the SE and SW stands. They fed out into the field and looked like they would either feed towards me or my buddy. About ten minutes in, she perked up, collected her young and left. She didn't appear to be in my buddy's wind and no way it was me. She just has a sense about her that only a mature doe can have.
Last year one guy had her during gun season but didn't shoot her.
She is starting to make it personal now. [:D]
At least we have something to look forward to next year.


  • bambambambambambam Member Posts: 4,810 ✭✭✭
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    Those are the ones you shoot first when you get a chance.

    The maternal does are the smart ones that stare & stomp at you and get the hold group nervous.[V]

    I take great pride in putting an arrow in them, less chance they have to teach the little ones the same.
  • Chief ShawayChief Shaway Member, Moderator Posts: 6,111 ******
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    She never stomps. Just leaves. [:D]
    Finished the final night off tonight. She actually led her band into the field. She came out 45 yards from my buddy in the SW stand. I figured he'd let one fly but there was an 8 an two 10's in the timber behind him. They had been chasing Bobbie and her band.
    The bucks were watching her and the group. A couple more steps and the lead buck would of stepped into a shooting lane. All my buddy was waiting for.
    Bobbie being Bobbie, stopped feeding, walked back towards the timber, looked in my buddy's direction and that also of the bucks and walked back into the timber. Leading her band and also the bucks with her.
    I'm watching this across the field thru my bino's and just had to laugh.
    Buddy stated that he knew I would of also waited for a shot at one of the bucks and he is probably right.
    Bobbie needs to die but with her history she's carrying triplets again.
    Always next year.
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