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I settled on a bow I like

FrancFFrancF Member Posts: 35,278 ✭✭✭
This one felt good and shot very well for me here is the configuration/setup for now.

2013 PSE X-Force DNA Pro-Series

Model - Right Hand Bow
Hand & Weight Range - 50-60# Limbs
Set Draw Weight - 50# Draw Weight
Set Draw Length - 28.0 inch
Let-Off - 70% Standard
Arrow Rest Option - Octane Hostage Pro
Sight Option - Apex Axim Toolless 4-Pin w/Light
Stabilizer - Vibracheck Icon in Camo
Release - Cobra Serpent Swing-Away EZ Adjust
Wrist Sling - Custom Braided 4-Element Wrist Sling w Grommet
Quiver - Alpine Soft-Loc 5 in Camo
Peep Sight Option - 1/8 Medium Fletcher-Style Peep/Height: STANDARD 13cm
Bow Case Option - Hard Bow Case in Black
Arrow Choice - 12 Easton Bloodline Arrows
Fletching Type/Turn - Fletch with 3 in. Offset Vanes
Fletching Colors - Flo-Green & Black
Broadhead Choice - 6-PK NAP Killzone 100 Grain
Nocking Point Type - String Loop
Practice Tips - Practice Tips on All Arrows


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