A few bucks on camera!!!!

Hey Everyone, I hope you are all well. I put the camera out a few days ago behind the house and got a few decent bucks. They are still in velvet, but I imagine it will be off soon. Early "Urban Archery" (doe only)opened here today, but I was out on the boat and it was really too hot to hunt. I'll wait until the regular season October 5th.

Take care, Don


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    Not much on the trail cams here. Powder dry and temps close to 100*. Deer are hanging near water and just not moving in patterns much. We saw two bucks yesterday while doing some fencing and cattle work. One had about 10' of grapevine hanging from his still in velvet antlers. Don't know if he was feeling the urge to rub the velvet off or just snagged the vines as he was moving through the brush. What I am seeing is several deer shedding their reddish "summer" coat and getting the greyish winter hair.
    Bow season starts next Saturday but I'm not feeling it due to the high heat. I haven't put up any stands yet. I just came off a week long fencing job with silage chopping starting Monday so not much chance of stand prepping for at least 2-3 weeks.
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    Nice looking deer. Not much going on here. Really hot for this time of year. Been getting stands ready for 10/1
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    WOW nice looking deer.
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