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Chief ShawayChief Shaway Member, Moderator Posts: 6,100 ******
After many, many hours in the stand I got one today.
It has been very slim pickings around here. EHD really knocked them down on my ground.
I had 2 does and 2 yearlings behind me this morning. The two bigger ones turned and went up the hill. The two smaller kept on course. I had a good 35 yard shot but, knew if they kept going down river I'd have a 30 yard shot. I moved to the other side of the tree and waited. They turned and went up the bank.
I turned around in front of me to see two smaller bucks coming my way. The lead happened to stop at 30 yards and I let it fly. He ran 25 yards, stopped and looked around, then down he went.
He is a nice little five point.
Any normal year and I'd let him walk but the emptiness of the freezer is telling me to fill it up. With my son getting an apartment next year for school, I have 2 freezers to fill.
I'm very happy. Feels like a weight lifted off of me.


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