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Mathews Chill R- shot it, a few thoughts....

dcso3009dcso3009 Member Posts: 2,350 ✭✭✭✭✭
I was at my local shop yesterday getting a new string on my M7. After getting the rest & peep adjusted & tied in, I broke 2 nocks only shooting 4 arrows. Good enough for me!

A good friend working at the shop put his Chill R in my hands. Desert Tactical (not my first choice for a bow, but to each their own) with a wood grip. This one 28" 70lb draw was set up with a Limbdriver rest, HHA slider sight, Anchor sight, and a K-Tech Stabilizer.

The bow has a nice balanced feel. Much like most of the Monster series bows have had. Bow draws nice. Very aggressive at the start, but smooth at let off, and very fluid-like smooth. Draw weight felt less than the 70lbs it was at. Felt more like 65 to me.

The Chill R held nice on target for me, but I pulled it up low & had to raise it to the target. Not abnormal for me. The shot was very quiet. Quieter than my M7, which I thought was quiet (520gr arrow helps take a lot of noise out). No shock or vibration felt at all, as I would expect from a top shelf bow.

I did not feel the short brace height of the bow. Usually anything less than 7" BH will slap my bow arm. Not this one.

I had a small error related to the anchor sight- which I am not used to. Put that on the target rather than the sight pin & sent my arrow 3 feet low through a 1/2" rubber mat & 5/8" of OSB board. Got a little penetration with this rig!

In the end I will keep the M7 I have been shooting since 2010. I like the 65% let off I like. Also not sure I should push my luck with the wife.... New motorcycle last yeat, 3 week elk hunt in Colorado last fall, new truck last month...


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