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Sat in my stand friday

OakieOakie Member Posts: 38,910 ✭✭✭✭
for about two hours to see what was going on. I do not have a trail cam because they keep getting stolen[}:)]I stopped right after work and quietly made my way up to my tree. Saw a lot of good signs going in so that was encouraging. Right about at dark, A nice 7 pointer came out and walked right under me. 5 yard shot at the most. Two more weeks and he will be in the freezer with a little luck[;)] I also saw about three or four turkeys with their young and not sure but I think I saw either a large fox or small coyote wandering around about a 100 yards out. That has me a little worried if it is a yote. Lots and lots of acorns on the ground already. That is a really good sign as it brings in the deer to my stand. I never bait because I am in a natural funnel between their feeding and bedding area. That stand has produced more then it's share of nice bucks over the last 39 years for me. This will be the only reason I will be sad to leave NJ[;)][;)][;)] Gotta look for a new place when we get to the south.


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